Hiya sweets. The times seem all fooked up! I think its cause not everyone, me included, has set their time zones up. I have jumped back on for a bit. This is NO fun without an activity page !!! I already let admin know that too, lol.

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well gang its been a hoot the short time  i have  gotten to know yea....When I loged into day it said the log on page lol that the new fear net was complete,i wept like a little school girl for this is what we are stuck with,I left numerus  emails with the WEBMASTER and well  just gettting  the cold shoulder from him....Geuss all the winning and bitching didnt  work geuss that  tells us what fear net thinks about its clintel base the fans made fear net and the fans can take fear net down  wish i had a camera on the admins face when the mass exodus  beggins .....Later to all the new friends i have met mabe we can meet  somewhere again in cybervill .....FEARNET  RIP.........,.



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I also dont like the way the personal comments that are newest show up at the BOTTOM of the list! WTF is that crap?

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Just stopping by to put a little sunshine in your day!


I THOUGHT it wuz fireworks but it was just a brain freeze. Happy 4th sweetie ! Its raining around me with LOTS of clouds so I doubt I will see any fireworks. Yep, rain in the desert. But its a quiet lazy day so far.



LOL, Cute smileys ! :)


BUBULA ! ! ! YOU AM HERE ! I thought I was all alone in the FEARnet castle, lol. Hiya hunny bunny ! Whats cookin? I keep jumping off cause you cant really engage with peeps like when the activity page was up. SHOOT. Oh well. Wait and see. . . . .





Its hard to keep communicating without an activity page AND the alerts to let someone know when someone comments their page/discussion/media. Bummer. Not only that but comments look like they are going on but if you go back later there is NO comment. Probably cause they are working on the site while we try to play.

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Hello, wishing you well, I hadn't said anything bad, but they filtered my message that I so caringly took time to write.So I will just say Hi, so they don't spam that. Sending you love.



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