LOL, its a wacky, unusual time but. . . . WELCOME TO THE FEAR !

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Hi Rayw

Changsha here,say when I go to post a picture then want to go add words to it ,the words end up way down below it . What am I doing wrong.?? I seen in your creature Feature post everything was nice and together,lol but mine was all over the place,could you explain to me please? thanks...

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Changsha - 
You likely have already read my reply to you on the Creature Feature thread, (I haven't scrolled to the bottom of my profile page... like... ever, got bored!), but here it is again:
Yeah, you gotta type out all your text FIRST, proof it to the best of your ability, do your bolding/italicising/underlining/linking next, THEN start adding in pictures LAST.
After adding the picture's URL into the pop-up window just click on the preview image space to see the picture, then click the "OK" button.
The picture jack up the APPEARANCE of the type, so just ignore that, cross your fingers, and hope it posts... close enough. Ha!

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Addendum to the previous "Text + Pic" post.

You are using the picture insertion icon where the cursor is, right?


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Thanks for helping me.! No I would copy an image then paste it then try to write under it.When the pic would fill up the page I would push the enter bar to make more room but click this marker under the last pic,thinking it would appear right under it but it wouldn't then what I wrote would appear farther down the page.(Example)












now I just raised the pic up enough so I could start to type now we will see what happens.

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That time it worked. Maybe before I went to far raising the bar even though I set the marker to type with and it went to the bottom??

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Eh. Doesn't matter.

Yeah, you can't build-to-finish as you go.

  1. Type out all your text first.
  2. Proofread.
  3. Add all your text markups (bold, italicising, etc.)
  4. Add pictures last & ignore how they mess up the preview/composition.
  5. Hope it works; usually it does. Usually.





Seems you have quite a knowledge of software. Most of us here dont know how to use all the icons on this box. Admin, like many computer savvy users, dont seem to understand that there are quite a LOT of folks who dont have that knowledge. The easier the better, lol. Thanks for sharing the info. A lot of us are copy/pasting and it doesnt always come out. I looked at the box that popped up on that picture inserting icon and had not a clue what to do. . . . . . . . copy/paste it IS until they make something for us dumb folks, lol.



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HF - 

Nah, I don't know squat about this stuff. (I actually don't like computers. I'm a neo-Luddite, truth be told.) I'm just a button pushing monkey. Don't ask me how the inner gushin's work.

As long as you guys are copy & pasting URLs (right-click most any image, select "Copy image") then you'll be good to go.

C&Ping the images themselves... IDK how that'll work out in any remotely consistent fashion.

BTW, that top-left second button with "ABC" and a check mark is a spell checker when you select "Enable SCAYT", whateverthehellthatiz.

(You right-click any word with the little wiggly line below it and a pop-up list of possible correct spellings appears.)



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type all my text first :Yea yea yea I geuss Im stupid lol cant even copy paste freakin  pic in to the  convo...ITried to insert it lol funny and copy paste nothin  now i can do it all day long on my profile  but on someone elses forget it....every time i insert it tells me i have eceeded my quota WTF....so i try to delete some photos  but no  nothing ....Ill figure it out   but dam... ok im going to go watch the Horde later rayw...


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