Unrest (2006)

Unrest (2006)

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If it was possible to give this movie a negative score, I would. Not only was it by far the WORST film at Horrorfest, it's the worst movie I've seen in YEARS!! It made me do something I have never, ever done before...when the credits started to roll, I stood up and BOOED! I booed till my lungs hurt. UNREST is just a mess from the very first frame (why on earth would they have a mirror in a mental patient's room!??!?!) . Logic-free, gore-free, suspense-free, point-free...the scariest thing here is how much the heroine looks like Britany Spears.

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I just gave it another viewing at On Demand.

It's okay, at best. There is some gore, contrary to what another comment said. The lead actress has a nice rack, that's for sure. (My shallowness is showing, I know)

"The Hamiltons" is my favorite Horrofest movie.


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I agree I watched this film the other day and was bored out of my mind. There were no on screen kills, all that happens was that suddenly a body would show up and you wouldn't see how it got killed. Yeah that is alot of fun, such a cheap way out. Not to mention they dragged it on and on and the ditzy Ms Spears was one of the most annoying people ever.

This film was just all kinds of bad, the only unrest this movie caused was me having to sit through this pile of steaming rat feces.

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<b>Unrest</b> - 4/10
If you feel so inclined, watch it online for free: [url]http://www.fearnet.com/movies/b14015_unrest.html[/url]

This is a good example of a $2.5m film where everything is done well by the numbers - but it still lacks SOUL! (rim shot, please!)
Looks fine. Sounds fine. Maybe the Devil's Advocate score doesn't shuck N jive with the docucam look, but, meh... big whatever.

I dunno.

It's missing something. I've seen more done with less, and what's here has all the parts for something good, but... it just ain't enough.

Maybe it's just too much ooga-booga crutching by on the violins and audio FX. Not enough ghost.


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