New here

New here

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Hi, I was told that this place is awesome, the best community for horror fans, plus I was told you could customize your prof. I was told wrong, this place is no better then that fucking facebook, I defo would hate to be on another facebook, but, oh wait, let me guess, the ceo of facebook got a hold of fearnet!!!!! That fucker, I want to fucking murder him after he made facebook, now he getting a hold of fearnet, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! or the fear admin is going facebook friendly wich is fucked up.

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hey zombieman welcome to fearnet lol, glad to see you here. hope you enjoy your stay


WELCOME PUTZ ! ! Oh wait ! Its ZM ! LMAO. . . . . . I know, I know. . . . . . when bored . . . . do whatever. . . . get silly. . . . NOT ME. . . . . . .hehe. . . . .

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hey zombieman what horror movies have you seen lately

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Is this it ....Is this all we get so i take it there done with the so called up dates major bs so sad very sad.....

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