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Peter Cushing as Van Helsing Mini-Bust


It's here at last! When Titan first announced its "Peter Cushing as Van Helsing" mini-bust, I was pretty excited, since the character is my favorite horror hero; and the early photos Titan released looked terrific. Well now I've seen this little gem for myself, as it is now available in comic shops and online, and I'm ecstatic. Every detail of Cushing's likeness in Horror of Dracula's climax as he faces down his foe with a makeshift crucifix is perfectly captured in this 8-inch-tall statue, making it a must for Hammer horror fans. Its companion piece, the "Christoper Lee as Dracula" mini-bust is sharp too. But we've seen so many Dracula busts and figures over the years, that this Van Helsing collectibe would be cause for rejoicing even if it weren't drop-dead beautiful. Fortunately, it is.

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