Whats up bruh? Good to see you. I've gotta agree. So far no good lol. But lets hang in and see whats up. Aint seen you in awhile kid, hope all is well with you. Just wanted to say hello. Hang in there. Make sure you specify what you dont like on the discussion with Admin but remember hes not finished yet. Im hoping they didnt just erase all the pix and vids. THAT would be some nasty shite.


Im heading out in a sec. Place feels too dead and sometimes comments dont take as they are still working on the site.

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hey neener your right  i should be glad that I got extra points, it's just if that doesn't get fixed than i feel that i got them without earning them. hope you are having a great weekend. talk to you later.



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hey i agreed with everythin u said in ur blog,mauybe its me but i dont see why they had 2change fear in the 1st place!!,wen i log in now,it takes me 4eva,an i canrt tell if ne1 has left me comments etc,an i miss viewin the new pics an vids etc that my friends have posted an i miss commentin in colour an addin pics an funny faces etc,an i mostly miss my page,as i think it tooks us ages 2do an defined who we are!!,keep up the happy trolling!!

hope all is well with u?? (lv shona x)

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yeah i don't like either, i can't wait till all our photos and videos come back

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lmfao at the picture you put on hellfighters profile, that was funny as hell

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lol...great pic grible! if this continues i was thinking about it...but honestly i havent found a place like this in EVER!! lol...this place rox and most of the reason im here is the ppl ive met i HAVE been kinda going to some other sites but just for shits and giggles and reading reviews...but im gonna stick around and hopefully this shit gets resolved....feels kinda like FB not that i would know cuz ive never been on that shit but feels impersonal...before at a glance u knew u werent alone...not its like ur talking to a wall....but im gonna stick around just maybe not as active...untill we get some noramality kinda figuring out how to navigate this shit so it isnt THAT bad...lil by lil i guess we will be back to the good ol fear we all grew to love...but thx for ur concern bro!..u have any plans for the 4th?

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see man you're lucky you can go to the beach and check this out all day along.













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neener can you help me, i put up a blog about a movie called wreckage. i put a link to go to the trailer in there, i don't know any other way to do this, thanks so much

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Just saying hello have a great weekend :) x


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