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Fearnet .....Next time you screw us lest have enough common curtisy to wine and dine us first kinda hurts when u dont have lube for god sakes

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yea got your messages hun this still suxxx .... fear net give a ETA when this all should be done

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I'm just having some late night pizza.... thought of you!

how's it goin? 

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hey Changsha just stopping by to say hello and i am going to try to leave one of my wonderful butterflies on your profile, we will see if it shows up.





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Hi Changsha,

Not sure if you got my message yesterday. I hit reply but I'm not sure if it was sent to you because the message I wrote you stayed on my page. I wanted to say thank you for those pics you sent. They were beautiful pictures. I know how you feel about the long drive. I went to New Mexico a few weeks ago for my vacation. I went to visit my nephew and my brother. My two daughters went with me. I have a 10 year old and an 8 year old. It was really hot there too. I also hope they do give us good instructions too. I like the way Fearnet was before. Wel I hope you are doing well. I use the computer at work and I never have time to do much when I'm on here. I will have a computer at home soon though. I hope you had a nice Fourth. The town in Colorado that I live in has a firework ban due to the high fire risk so we did not have a firework show this year. Have a great day. talk to you soon. Marie       Oh yea, I liked those trailers for those two movies. Those movies are a must see.

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Hey chang how are you today. Hope you are feeling better

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 wow that was strange??!! HF called it SILENT HILL but I say that IT was wierd there wer only 4 uf us there 4 about a week that's why I emaild you !!! have you seen misliz , big joe or sassy here 2day?? if not sassy & big joe may still be in that black whole!!!


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