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they screwed up the points system as well last I recall I had 146,000 points and now it says I have 176,000 and something and your total is way up there as well more way more than what it was. I hope you get this I don't even know if you will later. Chang


Hey Spook ! Hope you are hanging in there. Check out my discussion. Sassy is stuck with klownz, mentalmatt and others in "SILENT HILL". . . . . or the TWILIGHT ZONE. Seems there has been TWO FEARnets by error and temporarily. They should have it fixed by tonight.

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Oh babe, I don't really know what to think about this 'New FEARnet'. But I'm trying to hang in there. I'm just use to the 'old'. I love ya, baby-and I'll continue being patient for you.

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~Hello baby..geeesh, I'm bored..and I feel TOTALLY lost not being able to see your/my profile page. I really HATE this, baby~ 

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 not a prob myfriend!!! thot that you mite!! that card that was in it has thier email adress for 2 order things !! since you no longer have comic stores there !!!! great store 2 you can find most anything, book wise along with a few other things!!!!

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~~Goodmorning sweetheart, it's time to rise-n-shine and face this messed-up world. Hope your feeling BEAUTIFUL today-remember that we have plans today. Love you and ALWAYS will~~

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Hello sweets..when did you want to try the email-thing?

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~~Yes hun, got your your email and replied back..How are you doing this mo..afternoon, ooops-boy, how time does fly~~

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Your a sly one.*heehee*. It's seems to be working out alright over in email-so let's keep it up, *yaaaaay*..

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im still tryin 2figure out this new fear,an i dont like it!! i still dont c y they had 2change it!!, an im havein so much trouble loggin in now i cud go on with my list of wats wroung with this new fear,but i guess uve heard it already,hope u an sassy are well love shona x x


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