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If anyone's not too busy i was wondering if you would take time out to

hear a new soundtrack to a Horror film .You tube +Scary Sew

thank you.



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Hiya hun. Check out me new discussion to get an update on some REALLY WEIRD FEARNET INFO. I will check out yer blog in a bit. Im being chase out of pc time for now.

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 well that was fun!! but it seems that I finaly made it out of hell!!! 

so what's up girl??

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yes glad 2 be out in the real world me & several other have been stuck in the old colasping fear !!! just the 4 of us, but wierd at the same time it's like time seemed 2 fold on itself, we could still post & talk, but then started losing  things !!!! wow, glad 2 see you didn't leave !!!!! now we just wait 4 them 2 finish I guess ?? in the mean time figure this new place out!!!!

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I just got on this new fearnet this morning & the fact we dont have a activity wall to see whos online has really put me off  staying despite the fact i love this group its my favourite out of all the horror groups i am in.

I will be giving it a few weeks before i decide what am doing & even if i stop logging in i would never delete my account

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i was just replyin 2a blog an i saw what u put about not bein able 2connect 2fear,well that happend 2me last nite,idk what webnt wroung as i cud get 2the internet fine on my lap top but when i went 2fear it said acsess denied server not found?? an i wa s like wtf!!!!!!! hope all is well with u?? lv shona x x

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Hello beautiful just poping on to say hello have a great weekend...xxxx


RIDE THE WAVE SWEETIE ! A month from now we will recall FEARnets HELLWEEK, LOL.







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Saw you and just had to come by to see how you were doing on this 'new side of the fence' thing. Hope that your getting the know how, because I'm LOST. Frankly, I didn't see anything wrong with the 'old' FEAR'..atleast you were able to see just how everyone was getting around on the 'Activity' page, and THIS way-all a person can do is ASSUME. Anyways..hope your ding better than I 


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