Hiya Sass ! I know the site is in turmoil but hang in there. They ARE working on it everyday, just shorthanded a bit and a big task. Hope you had a great 4th of July and hope you are not from the group stuck in the OTHER fearnet reality with klownz.

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~~What happened to our paradise my love? The other FEAR where we were almost all alone? We were in Heaven for awhile, but alas, all dreams must eventually end..but as long as we still have each other, all is not lost!! Our communication isn't TOTALLY cut off, so we should at least be thankful for THAT! I LOVE YOU MY LADY!!

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~~See? We were able to figure THIS out at least! So it's SOME communication anyway. Even though our messages back and forth EVERYONE can read!! So we have to watch what we say--will call you back as soon as my phone gets fully charged..right now, just watching 'ALF' over on hulu..~~ [Miss being able to do colors and /or leaving pics]

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~~Well, we have klownz to thank for the deletion of our little paradise. It seems it was him that reported there were other members over on th 'other' FEAR, so if he wouldn't have said anything, we would still have our little dream..but NOOOO!!!!! So thank klownz for the destruction of our profile pages and our world!!~~~

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 well that was cool ?!! we were all kings & queens of a dieing world, but who new ?? was cool while it lasted !!! now I just got 2 get used 2 THIS PLACE !!! & it's so different?? I like the fact that the OLD was more personalized 2 each person, but in time this may be the same ??!! 

so anyway glad 2 see you made it out !! see you on,in around the new FEAR??!!!

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~~Good Morning~~ my a-ni-do-we-hi~~Yet another day of having to put up with this idiotic place and be annoyed that we lost our private IS a new day so let's make the best of it..

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Already sent you an e-mail the very first thing when i woke up this morning, so you should have it waiting in your let me know if you get it..i HATE this only being able to communicate this way..but HF says that admin knows about the messaging problem and says they are working on it..

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~~Doing fairly well this doing better if we could communicate like normal..*sigh*..but we'll just have to find a way to make this fun..since evryone can read it, we'll have to come up with some totally strange things to make people wonder..mess with their psychological tricks..*Heehee* COULD be fun!!

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don't worry things will get better soon,in the mean time these are for you!!


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