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~~Hey brother, i see what you mean about the points. They've screwed up the entire SITE!~~ The private messaging is non-existant, and after all the work everyone went through to personalize their pages, all that is for NOTHING!! All our pics and videos and everything are GONE!! I don't even know why the F**K i'm even still here..

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i have just arived at new fearnet! i was trapped in old fearnet for 5 days! This place is totally fucked if it dont get fixed within a couple of weeks i will be leaving

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~~Thank you, guy...LOVED the flowers..really helped my mood..thanks again! Hope your doing alright. Yes, I know things will be okay..I guess it's just, the 'meantime' have a BEAUTIFUL day, alright?~~

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hey Chang what's up dude. i am just relaxing getting ready to go for my daily walk on the trail. miss chatting with you online, hope you are feeling better. take care of yourself. talk to you later.

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Hello sweets just poping on to say hello.... :))x

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After a lot of Bs & intervention by the admin guy I am finally able to get in! I am not giving up, but jeepers this makes my head hurt! So much stuff is missing & I had to guess that the little blank black box was where you click to post the message. I am assuming it is supose to be labeled, but it's not. So, Hi! Hope you are rolling with the changes, I'm not doing too well with my limited computer skills!

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Wow,what in the world is going on with Fearnet? I dont log in for a few days and I come back to this -.-  I'm not even sure how to check my mail or anything. Sooo confused right now LOL! Anyhoo, came by to say hello-hope you had a great Fourth of July. If you have any tips on navigating thru this new Fearnet, please let me know (if I can find my damn mailbox)! Take care!

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 Wow! Crazy new fearnet. Hope they work it out soon. How great would it be if they get video chat just wanted to say hi…xoxoxo

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hey Chang, today i went to Harrah's Cherokee Casino in North Carolina. it was my first time gambling, i had a blast and i won about 40 bucks, but i knew i had better stop being my first time, i can't wait to go back. have a great evening.


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