What do you guys think? For ME, the two MOST IMPORTANT items on the FEARnet community is THE "ACTIVITY PAGE". You remember the two "profile" pages ? The one where at a glance you could see what members were CURRENTLY ON and doing. NOT JUST ONE but scrolling info on the handful active, comments being made, photos/vids being placed, blogs being put in etc. For ME that gave me a feeling of there being people on the site and would allow me to see if someone responded to a comment or discussion in which I was involved.

The second thing was THE ALERTS. When that SAME "Activity" page let you know you had received a comment on your profile page, media, discussion etc. This helped you keep track of conversations, running commentaries, discussions and THAT MOST OF ALL, made you feel ACTIVE IN A COMMUNITY. These, for ME, were the two most important things on the site.

Followed by things like the pix and vids and the GREAT innovation of letting us place the VIDS as well as pix, in comments, discussions etc.

The ADD TO FRIENDS which was the internet version of meeting someone and shaking hands.

What are yours ? And maybe you should mention it to admin in his discussion. He IS listening contrary to some opinions BUT this IS a COMPANY OWNED SITE.

To FEARnutters from the usual crowd. You know who you are. The regulars that are here, rain or shine and keep trying to keep the horror alive despite the lack of flicks from Hollywood, ride the wave baby. . . . RIDE THE WAVE.


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ladygaga1977's picture

yeah i really miss the activity page as well, i really felt like you said that you were with everyone online and could conversate with them while online. i also miss being able to put up videos,photos and personalizing my profile to show my creative side and to customize my profile. the alerts were great, let's me know what's going on the world of fearnet.

bey4229's picture

IM just coming back again and...what??? is this crap$$$

zombie_man's picture

I dont like this new fearnet, this company sucks ass, has absilute no care for the fearnet comunity users, FUCK the company that own this, what the hell are they going to do, kick me off, it wouldn't be a loss at all.

bey4229's picture

I feel lonely zombie man... leave things alone fear-net..we hate change!!!!

bey4229's picture

What about the pictures post.

mizliz's picture

I agree with HF on the activity page. You don't know if anybody is on & if anyone left a reply on a post you made. I am giving this time, but quite frankly I don't think it was a well thought out change. A little warning that changes were coming would have been nice & maybe implemented one at a time. Or maybe asking for members suggestions or opinions before just yanking the rug out from under us & listening to everyone bitch about how much we hate it. It took several days before I could even log in! The locks were changed & I didn't have a new key! didn't make me feel very welcome in a site that alot of us enjoyed coming to. Look how we all followed ZombieMan's recent surgery! If it had happened after the change most of us wouldn't have even known or been able to show support! As it is now, it is tough to communicate with each other! Hell, I don't even know where this post is going to show up or how to find it again. I feel as if someone slipped "Bath Salts" in our water & people are getting mad enough to gnaw off faces! Why the big rush to change everything at once? Did people want a change? This was a fun place to come & view everyone's comments & pictures, but now it just gives me a headache! When going to a party & people would ask how long you staying? I would reply, "till I'm done having fun!" well, it's starting not to be fun. I will hang in here hoping things get back to normal, and I hope it is soon. I'm off to wander around in here now to see if I can find anything else & I'm going to click the blank black square to the lower right, 'cause I figured out that is the "Post" button! Thanks for the label!

sapphiresecrets's picture

the activity page,photos/pics the videos.....I miss and to personalize my own profile page... xx
And I hate the thumbs.........

mizliz's picture

Hi Sapphire! i was just leaving the site & noticed you were here. I am able to get logged in now, but like everyone else I am not a happy camper!

klownz's picture

if the activity & notification problems dont get fixed i will stop visiting fearnet because there is no point coming to a community that you carnt interact on, i love this place but these two problems are HUGE problems

thecaller's picture

I miss not seeing when my friends are on,and i agree with SAPPY i really hate the thumbs, it makes it so easy to be a negative response without having to explain what they do not like. This leads to hurt feelings, I hope the like/ dislike thumbs go away it is way too depersonalising. Reminds me of automated operaters, and oh ya self flushing loos.


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