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Feelin' . . . . . . . . ANXIOUS ? ?


Everybody so anxious and uptight and unhappy. If we had bread we could make a shit sandwich. Hmmmm. . . . . wonder just how unhappy and bitchy we would get if the world fell apart and the zombie apocalypse started. We cant even handle change, lol. There will be lots of zombies but no pizza, hot water, flushing toilets, a/c, clean clothes. . . INTERNET. . . . . hehehe. . . . . watch the movie THE ROAD and then come back chilled, lol. Yeah, some peeps will get upset that Im even telling peeps to relax. Truth IS many sites would have simply SHUT DOWN and put up a "SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION" for a month or two when peeps would try to log on. Not FEARnet. They are trying to work around us while we try to keep in touch and do what we do on their FREE site we call home, how rude! The FUNNIEST guys are the ones who threaten Admin and FEARnet. . . . . . .WITH WHAT ? ? LMAO. Yeah. . . . . stamp your footsies and go home. Go ahead, feel better, gimme a thumbs down, lmao. Im gonna go home and have a beer. Check with you guys later. The trolls can come and bark at me (dont forget the thumbs down) Ooooooo that'll teach me! Im soooo afraid! NOT taking FEARnets side. Just stating the obvious. Hope most stick around, hope others just leave.