I THINK Im on PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. I dont know if there is a FEARnet glitch but its 7:17 pm right this minute. Hope you will be ok soon hun. Keep me informed.














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Just said Hi to you on the wrong page! Arggggg! I am logging off for the evening or I should say early am as it is 2:16 am by me now. But I am able to get in now, just not finding my way around to well yet.  What the hell is rich-text & do I want to disable it? I don't know, I don't even know what it is!


Jumped on for a minute before bed and wanted to say hey sweetie. Feel better soon sweets !

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the subtitles might make switch it off after 10min for me it didnt spoil the film to much. hit the purple button to play film i had to type the link cuz copy & paste wont work! fookin fearnet Grrrr

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i just checked & the link will work but before you hit the purple play button you will have to hit the "yes let me watch this" button

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I miss my dear sappy, hot here, the temp at work was 125 degrees heat index got home and showered and passed out. anyway just woke up and hope all is well  with you and yours... talk to you later.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                STOPPING BY TO DANCE FOR U!!!              

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thanxs 4stoppin by my dear sappy,i do hope u are feelin better now??,i hope things imrove soon....

love 2u,the kids an toffee   lv shona x x x

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Hi Sappy, wow! Crazy new fearnet. Hope they work it out soon. Hope you & the kids are doing great. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Miss you. Love ya to…xoxoxo


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