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Since moving to Florida 1/1/12 I have been keeping a tally of Roaches I have seen & killed. Why? Just because I HATE them. So... drum roll.... the Tally is at 14! We have an attached screened in porch (that is not air conditioned) where I keep my computer because gasp! I smoke cigarettes & do not smoke in the house by my Mother. The past few days the little bastards have been tormenting me! They give me the creeps! I can't put a bug bomb out there as I am alergic to strong chemicals & can barely tolerate bug spray. Also, my cats like to hang out there & don't want anything that will harm them. Adom & I have traded tips on dealing with the little varmits! So, if you ever see a post from me with a Tally -it is the latest # of Roaches killed in my little domain. Such is life in Florida! Not all just sunshine!

The Real Creep Show

Squish It!