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Footsteps reverberate down an empty hallway. Outside, wicked winds howl as they lap at the foundation of the house, enhanced by the endless drone of pelting raindrops. Occasionally, there is a blinding flash of lightning that reveals the maker of these footsteps. He is tall and wearing some sort of mask. In his right hand is a small axe, and it is dripping blood. He's after you, and it seems that no matter how fast you run, he's keeping up with you.

What can you do to escape? Why is this man after you and why does he want to kill you? Who is he? All that becomes suddenly immaterial as you trip and fall down. The man with the axe is almost upon you as you find your muscles unable to respond and you try to crawl away. You plead with your legs to help you up and run away, but they feel like jelly and refuse to work. The man is right by you now. He leans down and grabs a hold of your leg. You're helpless as you watch his arm's motion make a huge arc. Lightning flashes once more and gleams on the blade of the axe as it begins its journey towards your chest. This is it---you're going to die.

Now Don't we all feel better, lol

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Hello babes hope you get this Love you.....xxxx


 Hiya sweetie !


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well i have finaly arrived at the new fearnet but i dont think am gonna be hanging out here anymore, am giving this place a weeks trial to give it a chance but i dont think am gonna be able to enjoy this place

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Hey Dakota I have missed u, I am so glad to see you here,hope everything is good with you and that you had a great 4th and I hope you have a great weekend


LOL. . . . great to see you onsite my brainy beauty. Place wasnt the same without you. DID do a discussion giving your regards to all. Hope all is well.

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my 4th was great, i saw some amazing fireworks on Tuesday night. and today i went to Cherokee Casino in North Carolina. it was my first time gambling and i had a blast, i won about 40 bucks, but i knew that i better stop being my first time, hope to go back soon. have a great evening and talk to you later.


The fourth was quietly cool. Was fed TONS, yes TONS of homemade meal by a local church. Ribs, chicken, burgers, hotdogs, sausage, cake, pies, salads, EVERYTHING, lol. Arizona really loves its vets. Got a little homesick watching the Macys Fireworks from NYC but all it did was make me hate the liberals that turned it into such a toilet for the rich and poor with death to those in between. So no fireworks for me. Still waiting on paperwork (which was already approved) the wonder of govt. bureaucracy. Great to see you here. LOVE the new profile pic !

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Hello beautiful,

Just chilling right now going to make some dinner soon im hungry.....ohhh FEARNET...grrrrr...smiles.....HOPEFULLY THINGS WILL GET SORTED OUT SOON...

I miss you sooooo much.....Kids are keeping me busy they have another week of school.



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