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Hey Sarge  ^^^ !!!!!

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im ok,just waitin 4all the fear finishing touches 2b done!!, im going 2 watch the last part of law abiding citizen in a bit,i love that film, brilliant cast, well acted,an very well made,i cant remember if uve seen it??,an u get up at 5am?? im still asleep then hf,its the middle of the nite 2me!! love shona x x have u got my pics i posted 2u ok?

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Thanks for coming by and updating me on the way that FEAR is so far, your a sweetheart. I know that everything will be alright..and it WILL be alright. Have a BEAUTIFUL day, HF..

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Hello hellfighter, eeerrrr this new fear is crazy. Can’t find too many people. So glad you like the new profile pic. So hot today. I have my toes in the pool, drinking a strawberry daiquiri and trying to play on fear. Hey, have you heard about the movie, cross bearer, or the cemetery, by Adam ahlbrandt. You check out a clip on utbe. Cross bearer looks good. Can’t wait for that one. Wow! I sure miss talking to everyone. Well, since this is public I will restrain myself…ha-ha…hugs babe….xoxoxo

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alright mate ,, whats going on lol,, think i have lost my marbles ,, i cant see em here anywhere!!!!???

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 cool & thanx, had a good time out there on the creek bank, caught some fish but had 2 bail, as it started raining, don't take chances with the weather out here !! wood send a pic of me with one of the big ones, but haven't figured it out yet !! I will in time, haven't spent much thime here since the change & imprisonment in the zone, just waiting !!! went fishing instead!!  talk at you later !!! I'm not g

oing anywhere !!! 


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