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Why not just save time navigating threads with your thumbs down? just say what you want to say here! Be brave! OK on horror threads you carnt take part because you know jack shit & that is why i have set this thread up for you ......... am good like that ..... i have to say that i am pretty sure who is giving faggot thumbs down. Here is your chance to speak! Got a problem? i am all ears

& to all the peeps on here who know me am not aiming this at you the discussion boards were my hang out place on old fearnet SO am pissed off that people who carnt post are just being negative!




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Thumbs get rid of them..Grrrrrrrr I love you Klownz......
Lets hope that person comes out and peaks..its tiny mind...


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Whoever it is Klowz, KICK HIS ASS!!!! I'll be rooting for ya

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i agree with HF...butt people just cant handle change and gotta shite on everyones parade...and they will rarely admit it...but at the end of the day the are mental midgets that THINK they are bigger than they really are...AAAARRRrggggggGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you lot crack me up big time! Heads up i just found out the feature is being removed & only thumbs up will stay admin had already spotted it as a problem ..... looks like the trolls carnt participate anymore

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yeepeeee, i am so glad

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Let me guess, he/she is one of those people that are nice to your face, then first chance they get thumbs down, thumbs down. Well, piss on you. Ha-ha. He/ she is a mix between arrogant and a buffoon... Lacking the ability, or just incapable to participate in might say he/she is on a superior thumbs up/down trip. Well, have a nice ride asshole…ha-ha To be honest I really didn’t even notice until klownz called the asshole out. Ha-ha

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@ moon....for this person theres no slash between he and she..damn tranny!!!lol jk maybe

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tooty fuckin fruity


Well now klownz ! It appears you upset the little girl trolling, lol. Seeing as how every comment in certain blogs has a thumbs down. What a mental midget. I actually kinda LIKE seeing all the thumbs down. Particularly when they just go down the line. He must be getting that "little girl pleasure" like spanking the monkey in the dark instead of going out in the world.



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