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 hey I just wanted 2 say thanx 4 getting us out of the zone!!!!  I wish that things were better here YOU no with all the BS & having 2 get used 2 the new FEAR but with practice IT can work IT'S just more work!!

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It's National Pina Colada Day! Relax & have a cool one!

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just wanted to say hi....hugs....

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How are you?? let me know.....

Just passing through to see my wonderful friend.....watching The loved ones later... having some chicken stir fry too :) xxx



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right now i'm in my happy place. will be flying later. having a couple glasses of wine.(happy place) just in case i crash,lol 





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hey klownz how are you today, i just noticed we can add color now to our text, but it doesn't post with the color, hope things are good with you, i'm glad you decided not to leave, you are a great friend to me and i don't want you to ever leave.


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