Slink '2013 slasher movie

Slink '2013 slasher movie

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Psychological Thriller 'SLINK' Currently Filming

Frolic Pictures, in Hollywood, is currently filming their next feature,"Slink". (teaser poster shown on the left)

SLINK is an upcoming psychological thriller, slasher brought to the screen by visionary director Jared Masters, who also penned the script.

Tim McCombe will be working his usual magic as cinematographer, with production design by the brilliantly ill exploitation film archivist Adam Trash.

About Slink:

"Slink" is the twisted and harrowing tale of a rural tanning salon owner who abducts vulnerable young girls, possibly linked to his wife manufacturing mysterious designer purses.

The film stars the incredibly talented Art Roberts, as Dale, slaying pretty young things in his 99th role. The sumptuous Ms. Julia Faye West as the irrepressible Aunt May.

 Carlos Ramirez will play Jamie Nunez, the protective big brother of Kayla, who will be portrayed by delectable teen screen virgin Danika Galindo, whose demanding role has her fleeing the blood stained hands of Anthony Del Negro, portraying Aaron, the "slow" son of Joan, the hell-raising handbag designer, played by the exotic Pageant Superstar, Media Personality and Movie Queen, Dawna Lee Heising.

The film is slated for a summer 2013 release.

can't wait for this one!!!!!


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Ohhhh this looks good!!!! xoxoox


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hi sappy, i thought you would like this. can't wait for this one...

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nice, i like the idea behind this it looks like it will be a bit more original than most slashers but i looked up the director & he is only 25 and hasnt directed much so how good it will turn out is hard to guess

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