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Gawd, this sucks, guys, I can't sleep, I'm board, so I'm going to rant about myself. I SUCK DONKEY ASS. Nope, still feel shitty. Honestly, I really think that the new FN, when finished, will be pretty awesome. Cant wait.

So, I'm going to write different things randomly...

The 80s FOX's series, Werewolf DVD release got canceled years ago. No reruns or nothing, until now, I bought the whole series on DVD illegally. Yeah, I feel terrible for that, but there was no other way to get that series.

 I just discovered that 80% of people are bad drivers, one hit my car, but I wasn't mad, I was happy. Ok, it was just a dent and I took the insurance money instead of fixing it.

I just hope all politicians die of a horrible death for trying to take my rights away. Democraps Repulicassholes can go suck it before they die and the people take back their own rights and believes. Truth is no matter how you vote, your voting your rights away. ya, ya, keep politicians out of fearnet, sorry about that, just REALLY, REALLY hat both sides

My faience and I have tickets to the opening night of Dark Knight Rises on the 20th, movies I'd like to see soon that won't happen:
Justice League vs The Avengers, Freddy vs Aliens, old school style monster films to come back, Batman and Iron Man-Public Enemies, (remember that retarded kid Timmy whose in a wheel chair with a big head and can only say his name from South Park-Timmy vs Thor, could go for a new Nightmare on Elm Street sequel.

Well everyone, thanks for listening.