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glad i found u as unlike b4 with the old fear this 1 im havein so much trouble with an i cant tell who is on an who isnt an u cant send private emails ne more,or post pics,my list is endless... hope all is well with u an sppook love shona x x x

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im doing ok,just havein so much trouble with this fear,an like i said i dont see y they had 2change it,i miss every thing about the old fear,an i dont like the way that nothin is private ne more,or we cant send emails ne more,or pics,im tryin 2b positve thinkin i hope when it does get back 2normal they make so we go wow it was worth the wait but im tryin not 2get my hopes up,an its so hard keepin on top of things here,i cant figure ne thing out!! x lv shona x x

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hey Sassy, i know what your feeling right now about being lost on this site. the only way i know what's going on is to go straight to the discussion board and see who has responded to what discussions. i really miss the activity page as well, hopefully that will be coming back soon. i also can't wait till we get to customize our profile pages again. i can't wait til we can upload vids, photos again on the site. hang in there because it will get better and then we all can have fun on fearnet again, this is just temporary hopefully. hope you have a great weekend and talk to you later

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~~Hey there, sweetness!~~ Does the 'new' FEAR still suck? Yes, of COURSE it does!! Anyway, just logging on long enough to leave a comment, then logging back out again for the night-so i will say 'I LOVE YOU' and will talk to you soon!~~


Just checking in on you Sass. Changes are coming soon (some slow) but its better than them just shutting down the site without warning as MOST sites do and just having a "SITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION" PAGE pop up when you searched for FEARnet.

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had a crazy time finding you. glad to see you and spookster88 is still on fear. hope you had a great 4th.....hugs xoxoxo

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cool I think I got this now!!! 

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just stopped by 2 say hey!!! & there working on stuff as we speak should be getting color back in our writing soon along with pic uploads??!!

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 sorry wrong pic??!!

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Hey Sassy I just wanted to leave you a message in case you stop by FEARnet for a visit. I do wish you’ll come back and just do like I do for those that offend you or get offended and try to get others to join the “Band wagon.”  That’s just their mind set, just let it be.  No loss just forward and meet new friends. This is what I’ve always done and continue. I hope all has been well and hope you’ll return and meet more interesting new members Ok. Take care and of course be safe



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