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hi sappy, love the new look...i just love it...miss ya..xoxoxonew fear ...OUCH! CRAZY!,,,ha-ha

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wow u look so different my dear sappy,have u really chopped off all ur long blonfd hair??,but this new look really suits u!!,bet it takes sum gettin used 2though!!,cant wait 2start decoratin my page again, hope all is well with u?? love an kisses shona x x x


Its DARK SAPPY ! ! ! Look at you looking all Aon Flux ! ! !


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Sup my love i have missed u soo much!! this site is still such B.S!!! wen da fuck will it back to normal!! idk now much longer i can hold on!! U better grab me tight lol neway u lookin soo good with ur hair dat way i love it!! i wish u wasnt so far away we wud mos def have sum fun!! Neway hope all is good wit u and ur fam gimme shout wen u can MUAH!!!

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What's for dinner tonight. I will  bring a plate. and the drink........ OK i will bring me too. LOL 

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Just logging off-enough frustration for tonite. Just when you think you have something figured out-it doesn't work! Grrrrr!

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WOW! You look great! lovin the look! I have just rolled out of bed & thought i would drop in & check my profile & have a look & dakotas new thread lol! then am going to watch a French film called "prey" no idea what its about or if its good i just brought it for the sake of it ...... i wish admin would get the IT nerds to fix the latest activity problem already! i havent been online much here & wont be until i can see whats going on!

i saw a CRAZY Japanese film called "attack of the mushroom people" a couple of days ago i might do a blog on it later today.

well am gonna leave you to have your stir fry & i best grab me some coco pops or frostys







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miss you too!


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