dead at breakfast '04'

dead at breakfast '04'

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road trip rolls through a small town where the line between the dead and the living has become a bit problematic in this horror parody. A handful of twentysomethings are driving to Galveston, TX, in an RV to attend the wedding of a close friend. After a long day on the road, the travelers find themselves in a tiny town called Lovelock, where the only available accommodations are at a bed and breakfast run by the eccentric Mr. Wise (David Carradine). One of the kids, Johnny (Oz Perkins), notices that Mr. Wise is carefully looking after a small box; curious about its contents, Johnny opens it, only to unleash a torrent of evil spirits who turn the local rednecks into bloodthirsty creatures hovering somewhere between life and death. Dead & Breakfast features supporting performances by Portia de Rossi, Diedrich Bader, Jeremy Sisto, and David Carradine's daughter Ever Carradine; co-star Oz Perkins is also the offspring of a well-known actor, Anthony Perkins. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

Directed By: Matthew Leutwyler

  • movie is weird, but I definitely recommend I,  It´s so funny and there are some awesome zombie scenes!!!



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cool I'll look 4 it sounds like a hoot !!!



You are finding some nice obscure movies Dakota ! You should make a list. . . . . . and email it to me, lol. IM LOSING TRACK ! ! Im not on my own computer to find these flicks lol. This one sounds interesting although David Carradine was only good in ONE movie his whole life, lol. Worse actor around making money at his craft.


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I have seen this one, and i also agree that it is definitely a good watch. I don't remember much of it, but i do recall thinking it was worth watching. I had forgotten all about this till you posted this. I will have to check it out again soon if i can find it. Thanks for reminding me about this film.


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i brought this ages ago just because i liked the title & the tag line on the case "it's like a bad horror movie... only worse!"  luckly the film turned out to be highly entertaining its defo a odd film though


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hey guys, this movie is now available on iTunes (which I like because it's super easy to download)

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