Chucky remake

Chucky remake

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The Pinhead remake I suspect is going to suck, have to see it before I judge it. But I'm really looking forward to is Child's play remake. They are going back to the scary roots. No more of that fucking comedy shit that should never be in a Chucky movie.

Charles Lee Ray, that's his full name and he will be fucking awesome!!!!!!

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 sorry total recall that is??

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yes im lookin 4wrd 2cing this film,havent heard 2much else about it,execpt that the guy who done the original voice of chucky is back,idk who else is cast 4this film though!?!?!,i think sum1 on here gave a brief description of what the basic premise of the film is going 2b,but i cant think who that was....

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When it comes to movies it's pretty damn hard to dissapoint me so I know I'll like it, prob wont be better though than original


The FIRST CHUCKY was great with unexpected special effects. After that, its a waste of time. Like no one can see this little motherfooker running around ? Everyone sees a rat scurrying right off but no one sees a freckle faced, RED HAIRED, RED JUMPSUIT WEARING, child sized living doll. Too stupid.

. . . . . . just sayin'. I wont bother with any more chuckies, regardless.

Glad other people still enjoy them. LOVE Brad Dourif though.

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Original was always the best and probly will alays be the best, I agree with ya Hell, but I want to see this movie remake

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for what its worth my favourite is part 3

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I gave you thumbs up

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I'm looking forward to this one too!

I think if you are going to remake a movie, Child's Play would be a great choice. A lot of the 80's horror movies were just as fun as they were scary, which I think lets them get away with new remakes.  I mean really,... after all the bad sequels, they couldn't possibly do worse! 


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