it's not cuz of klownz you idiot

it's not cuz of klownz you idiot

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Now I know what a troll really is. Just popped on someone’s page to say hi. I couldn’t believe this piss ass wantabe klownz.  Actually thinks our klownz is to blame for what he calls “the other side” fearnet administration has taken down the old fearnet site.  Now he is shooting his mouth off to other members that it is all klownz fault... Well, I say are you stupid? REALLY? All I ever have known this moron, idiot  to do is flag other members, and bitch about fearnet.  You incompetent, spineless, probable toothless, bitchboy “fuck you’. Know what spookster88, jealousy is a disease, get well soon FREAK! Now you can go to administration about this. All you do is bitch, point fingers, and flag! Is it not in you to be civil? Everyone just wants to be social and talk about horror. Why can’t you? Don’t come on the new site bitching about other members. PLAY NICE or go away!!!!!!

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I might a thumbs up for asking :D


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am not quite sure whats going on at fearnet anymore the place is like a flippin nut house! I carnt wait for admin to remove the thumbs down feature it should be going soonish i have been told & it will put a end to the silent trolling the most pathetic form of trolling might i add, some people are clearly reading the threads disliking them but arnt bold enough or brave enough to speak there mind & say why they dislike EVERYTHING. All the people i have seen comment in the discussions this last week are all the usual people who speak to each other all the time so its hardly going to be one of us.

At least this thumbs up/down thing has distracted everyone from the fact the site is still not running at full power! Admin has to be happy with that lol!

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weeeeeeeee:well see what i can do lol

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Hey fear net  lol

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I don't have problems with anyone on this site, I'm not bothered by the different believes, unless of course they are being jerks to other people for having diff believe. And the only person I had a problem with is the fucking c-lad, hope he got kicked off the site or left or something cuz I hate that faceist fuck. Last time he called me a pussy I ignored it, do you know how freakin hard that was?


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were u gunna fook him right up zman!!!!, stick ure thumb up his ass !!!LOL,, i think the only fooker i gotta problem with is Oren Fookin Peli!!!!

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Wow! Got 2 thumbs down on my picture of a Cat! LOL!!! Here's what I say to that: 

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that's not a thumb, that is a finger. jest thought i would let you know. LOL Now where is my thumbs domn dammmmmitttt!

joestoutenger's picture usual I'm a day late and a dollar short..less technical is a good thing..less server space not being wasted on dribble and's not new rather different so pull up your panties and start learning how this new and improved fearnet will be..( that was to back up the FearMaster)..for me..I'll get it inspite of usual to each their own and Peace..


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