WOW. . . . . . . . looks like there are maybe 5 or 6 people on the site these days. (cant even tell hardly when we are on here together) OK. . . . mebbe TEN. WHERE DID EVERYONE GO ? They most just decide to wait until everything is rebuilt and hunky-dory ? Everyone flee to GAYBOOK, errr, FACEBOOK like lemmings with the runs? ? Not blaming you mind you, just wondering whats up with the usual FEARnet crowd. CRIKEY, feels so loooooonely.  Good thing theres BEER. AAAAARRRRROOOOOOOO!





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what is pissing me off is i carnt tell whos online ...... if anyone is online! so its impossible to have a conversation. If this problem continues then i will be leaving since there is no point being on a social network that you carnt communicate on!

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yea brother you can say that again!!! so it should only be a few days according 2 HF I think WE can deal with that !!! since some of us got locked in the old HOUSES closet while everyone else MOVED!!! have some FAITH !!! maybe by time time I get back from yet another fishing trip !!! the probs will be fixt!!!

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well lets hope its going to be fixed soon....I do miss the old way...BUT give them a chance.....see if its better.....and I agree with all you....I might get back from a SHOPPING trip you never know it might be fixed....hehehehe....Smiles.... :)

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I think admin and IT folks are just trying to shake off some of the FEARnet "fan" fat.

  "DIED" in the wool fans will stay. Fir weather friends will not return. F#ck 'em. Do you really need them?


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