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hope all is well with u??,just wanderd if ur have ne problems with fear? apart from the usual,as sum times i cant get 2sum of the features on here an idk if its 2do with the fact im from the uk?? lv shona x

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whtz good my dun!! itz been a hot min a lil b4 all dis madness started. Hope all is killa!! Dat pic wuz pretty choice i mos def approve!! LOL Have a great wkend bro!! STAY ON UR GRIME!!!

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sup klownz? hows life treating u? still trying to get used to this new layout....how u adjusting to it? honestly i only pop in occasionally to check messages now...oh and thx for that link on tale of 2 sis...that shit was long but VERY VERY well written.....put to rest all my questions...now i GOTTA add that flik to the collection

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the only prob im havein is postin pics!!,as b4 i cud just copy an paste but that isnt workin 4me at the mo,i cant post pics on peoples profiles but sum times i can post on blogs etc,but even that doesnt always work as it says the size wont work,an i dont really get the browser file thing at the top of my profile either,ive managed 2save a few pics but i dont know how im ment 2use it!?!?!?!?!?!!? i sure hope this fear thing gets sorted out soon........lv shona x




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well right now i can't paste a pic on a blog even though there is a option for it now, also the option to have colored text is available to but it doesn't post in color, i really want that feature back, maybe it's coming soon, other than that just chillin with my friends here, sorry about your computer having a virius, i think there are some friday the 13th movies coming on tonight, but i haven't looked yet, it will give me something to watch later tonight, have a great weekend Karl, thanks for being my friend.



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Taking a break from cutting down trees. Watching the kittens playing in the yard. Counted up to 10 of them now! 2 sets of 5 each.

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You are such a sweetheart to offer to help these poor kittens. As I type this, my own cat is sitting on my lap (hot as it is!). I live in Hillsborough Co, Tampa Florida 33615. I have been unable to find any info on neuter & release programs here. I was told years ago they had one, but it was too expensive. While I personally don't believe in allowing your animals to roam, I have no problem with the little visitors. There is just getting to be so many of them I can see this getting out of hand. I did give the neighbor who is suppose to be watching her property & cats a 15 lb bag of cat food to feed them as I don't feed stray animals in my yard.They still wander over here & I can't tell you how joyful it is to watch them scamper about & play with each other.It would be hard to catch them as they scatter like the wind when they are approached. They are truly feral. They cause no mischief & I figure they are great for keeping the various varmints like mice & snakes around here under control. I just wish they had loving homes like my two baby's who I wouldn't dream of letting outside!


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