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Just wanted to say everyone..and hope yall like the new format..


BIG JOE ! ! ! Howdy bud ! Good to see you on the FEAR brother. Cant wait for them to get some stuff on here like an activity page so we can see who is here and whats up. How ya going partner ? Kickin' ass and taking names I hope. I have a feeling FEARnet will look nice, shiny and new when they finish. Nice of them to work around us.

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 nice 2 see you myfriend, so you gonna be on awhile?  I no that the new 1 isn' tup 2 speed but I hope you'll be on 4 a bit 2nite??

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Hi Joe Im here its sappy lovely seeing you on FEARNET.....liking the change??...ummmmm xxx


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Hope you are having a good one!


Hiya Big Joe ! We are having a three day run of thunder storms. Good rain and SERIOUS lightning. Gave a break to the recent heat of 120 degrees. Yepper, its the desert, lol. Ready for coffee anytime you are brother. Gimme yer cup !

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Things are well.....Kow havent seen  Alfred Hitchcock the turds  but I hear its really having a good runs at the box office lol get it runs  ok ill stop now ...But I think that movie was  inspired by a short film called turd on a bowel

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ok ok heres that pic that inspired Alfred H short film turd on a bowel....

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disregard that last  comment sweety,I had a certain pic to go with that commentt but darn i cant  get  it to post  kinda frustraiting ...


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