BloodRayne: The Third Reich

BloodRayne: The Third Reich

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Popped my Uwe Boll cherry on this one.

Goooood lorrrrd.

Um... for any horror director wannabes: don't mix overly dramatic stage acting with docu-style filming. It just looks bad.

For $10m production budget surely he could afford some Croation dolly tracks, sliders and a jib. Apparantly this was shot with Arricam LT & Zeiss Master Prime Lenses. Looks like something that could be done with a Canon 5D mkII. Shame.

And I don't know how Uwe managed to make a rather attractive 35yo Natassia Malthe look so good all squished into that bustier but so blah in her nude scenes.


God, she must've frozen off her chesticles massively exposed in that costume get-up outside in the snowy weather. I hope she got paid well.

And don't put women on film  who just woke up. Give 'em a few hours of wakey-wakey to let the fluid drain outta their lower eye sashes.

The story's pretty lame just to add insult to injury. Good potential, just poorly crafted. So much gets changed from script to screen, I wonder how much was the writer's fault (his first feature film, FWIW) and how much was the director, studio, and distributor's meddling.

It sucked so bad now I gotta go watch the 2005 original (completely different lead) and it's sequel, also w/ Malthe! (Hot D@MN! BR:2 is at the local library!)

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I could NOT get into this flick nor past the very beginning. Terrible acting by whats his face from EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS. LMAO, worst Nazi imitation and German accent imitation I have ever seen or heard. Didnt realize this was a UWE film or I would have known better. I thought his lame zombie flick was at least fun, couldnt get 10 minutes past this one. I DO prefer Kristana Lokin although none of these flicks are all that impressive. To each his own. . . you sure sound like you know your stuff Ray. Nice !


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