People are stupid and idiotic

People are stupid and idiotic

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Your average person is retarded.

Yeah, I think that's a fact.

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I'm gonna hafta plead the fifth on that, Ms. Psycoxxx3.

However, I'm pretty sure standard issue wazoos come considerably more hirsute than those. Butt please feel free to wax any volunteer you can get to sit still long enough. 


 Hmmmm. . . . . . a WAXED butthole. . . . . . . would make a totally twisted HOUSE OF WAX sequel ! ! ! ! !

I dont understand. . . . . here is youranus hair free ! . . . . . . wass da big DEAL ? ?


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Toilet humer is always funny

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Toilet humor has become the cornerstone of modern commercially sucessful rated R comedy.

We need some more comedy horror.

(I can't believe 'Zombie Strippers' failed to make that list.)



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