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how ru my friend??,im still hangin here,but i do not like this new fear,i cant wait 4this 2all get sorted out!!!!! love shona x x x

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with bout soundin stupid but what is yahoo?? as the only other social site i mite go on is face book but that is only now an again....

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ohhhhh......lol...coulda sworn it was u....remember u had a pic of urself...the one u had on ur pro pic? it was the one u used for a looong time....someone was using it on yahoo...a news site to comment....called herself angryyoungredhead...thought it was u...with her since of humor woulda fit in here...dark want me to try to find it and send u a link?

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no dont worry about that,im all gud,had a busy shift at work so was glad 2get home,an thankfully i have the day off 2moz,not sure what ill do yet though,just gone midnite here,so not sure wat time it is with u?? lv shona x

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Yea rift!!!!  how u doin man!! good i hope!!










Just wanted to pass by and say hey bruh. Im still twiddling me thumbs waiting but otherwise, all is well.



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 hey what's up brother ? just thot I wood stop in & say hey!!  alergy season has got my nose drippen big time!!


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