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hey sorry it took so long my friend, been bizzy in this mindnumbing heat, it's been 104-106, & the index (humidity) seems alot hotter!!! been out in it alot gearing up 4 a new job, got it last week, do my own thing, no boss, unless the wife counts?? doing a roof with a covered patio in the fron & back of the house, it's 4 a friend of mine so have gotta try 2 keep costs down, but with some of the new construction makes tit hard, doing gable in back & just simple extention in front, total 28 square, with some electrical in back 4 fans. still stand 2 make a nice sum tho!!! 5 grand for 2 weeks work!!

so enough about me, howd UR dinner thing go? did she like UR gift? see a good movie? I watched dark shadows the new 1 with Johny Dep last nite online, better than I thot it was going 2 be !! gonna watch Brave here in alittle bit on the same site, free streaming pretty cool actualy, divX movies, got alot of good ones!!!


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just wanted 2say thanxs 4the shona x x

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Odd question, I did not know that we ever stopped being friends. Why the question. Working long hours in 100 degree weather is taking its toll. why the question?

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sorry if the pic i posted copyed itself countless times an also i didnt mean 2send u this pic either,but even though i typed in the correct title of the pic i wanted 2post 2u 4sum reason it sent the wroung1 i cant wait 4 fear 2b sorted out!!!! x 

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yeah i hear ya, the temps have been really high here as well, today it's cloudy and rainy, it feels so good outside right now, hope your day is going well for you. i have registered for my classes this semester, i am taking 5 classes, really excited. take care


Ok, lol. TRUCE it is. Its better when more peeps are playing but no one, including me, is staying on the site long enough to see/do much. Without an activity page, its not as much fun. Need a COMMENT ALERT too.

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i know we have 2b paitent while they work things out,but im like how much longer do we have 2wait!!,thats y i dont think hardly nebody is on here ne more,except just a few of the old fear gang!!,i dont come on here as much as i used 2,except 2c if there have been ne changes,an 2read sum of my page shona x x x

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took my half an hour to find this page but i can tell if i got messages or profile comments feel like a lost girl in a fun  house without the fun


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