Hard Candy

Hard Candy

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This movie was great but very hard to watch. Ellen Page plays Haley a 14yr old girl who wants to find and torture a pedophile. There is not much gore but what you do not see is truly terrifying.

I must say the acting in this film is amazing. Ellen (who also plays the invisible girl in Xmen last stand) is truly an up and coming. I think we will definitely see her more in the future.

If you have not seen this movie you have to get it. Some parts are hard to watch, but the story is really good.

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my favorite movie EVER!

the castrating part was unexpected .. lol

overall great acting and good movie to watch!

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Can it be said that this film is similar to ONE HOUR PHOTO starring Robin Williams? Or am I totally off the mark?

cues up Netflix

I would say you're totally off the mark. In fact, I'm interested in what similarity you see in the two.

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Talk about a mind phuck! All the hubby and I could do when it ended was look at eachother and say whoa!

Great watch!

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i too loved watching the men wiggle with eyes drifting about the flip of the coin turned-tables was sheer delight i found the movie very delishious watched-it 2 back 2 back yummy indeed

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ive been looking for this movie so i could watch it heard its great

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Just letting everyone know- I moved this topic from Independent Horror to General Horror Discussion.

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This was a really cool movie. I like how it remained fairly ambiguous right up to the end. You were never quite sure exactly what he did or exactly what her motivation was. Even as the credits were rolling, I was unsure of who the "bad guy" was in that movie. Good stuff.

...and, for extra chuckles, ask a misoginist what he thought of this movie. A friend of mine who is a woman-in-her-place kinda baffoon can not say enough bad things about this movie. Pretty funny.

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I still not have decided to rent this one or not. Is it worth 3.99?

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Haven't seen it........didn't look all that great! Guess I shall put it in queue at Nfliks and watch. You guys better be right!!! MUHAHAHAHHAHA!


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