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Hi I would love the link of Rec films...please..I know Fearnet is a mess thats why i have'nt been coming on here lately hopefully they will sort it out soon...x

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sup klownz!! hows life? just popping in to say hello...havent in a min...i dont know but im almost positive u reccd a film called das experiment? just watched it FOOOOOOOOK it was good...so hows life across the pond? watch anything good lately?

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cool ill drop by see what its about

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Thanks for the link!! I will defo check that new horror site out :D Sound awesome!

B. xoxo









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 Man fear is dead  its  like Rigamortis setting in dead  like toe tag dead ...

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Hello, when logging in I noticed you deleted the link to fear itself. Am wondering if they offended you also. If they did, I think they should be grateful that you were recruiting members for them. Then those new members tell people.  So on and so on. I also see you all over the site trying to post topics to get people to join in the discussions about likes, dis-likes. Old & new horror. So in my opinion they should bend over and kiss your ass and say THANK YOU.  I would also like to say that, I don’t think you should leave the site. Just be the klownz that we all know and love on fearnet. If they are too immature to comprehend your knowledge and style of horror well, I say…Fuckem.


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Just checking in with a few people to see what's happening. This new format still sucks-so much we could have been talking about with the Olympics, etc. But alas, the activity section is still not what it used to be . I miss everyone.  Hope things get back to normal so we can all be back together again.


to say HEY mate. Hope youre having a good weekend.


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