Hey Old Friends! New Horror Podcast :)

Hey Old Friends! New Horror Podcast :)

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Hey There, My Pretty's!!!

For those of you who know me, I'm sorry I've been away so long. Filming has been going great! Klownz gave me a nice shout on my YouTube trailer for my horror short - thank you, Love! Anyway, if anyone is curious, I just did a new podcast for a show called The Electric Chair that I discuss my new movies on :). Hope you will check it out and I'll be on to talk to you soon!!!!! Miss everyone soooo much!love my fearnet friends!!!!!

Bites and Kisses,

Priscilla Iden

podcast: www.electricchairshow.com


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Hiya Pris ! I havent been on my pc but I will try and catch the podcast when I can listen to it. Glad to hear from you!

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