where did every one GO?????

where did every one GO?????

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 is anyone on fearnet any more?

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Yes mooni am still here just not on as much as the site is being remodeled. But do not worry i am still here and i promise not to throw a dildo at you LOL.


I jump on, get frustrated with being logged of by a glitch and having to log back in. Sometimes in the middle of a comment which means rewriting it.

@ ray - as long as its horror, I dont care where its from. I DO think a lot of the affection for Asian horror is a bit much. I find a lot of them boring and the SOS of the wet haired ghost kind of thing, or just torture porn. I know there are some good standouts but not everything Asian is automatically great as some fans think. I DO love the old British studio HAMMER and try to watch and collect all their old flicks. Wish them success in their relaunch. They were the most prolific horror studio back in the day.

@Dakota - I was WONDERING how this got here !


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Tried to post this but it didn't

to Rayw...

For horror I love the monster/fantasy/syfy much, much more than the horror that's too real, I hate tourcher films, and slashers I really don't care for unless Freddy Kruger is in it then ill love it (assuming the acting is decent and Roseann is NOT in it) if it's a slasher without supernatural then I'd probably won't like it. Don't get me wrong-I think its cool other people like those movies, but their just not for me.

I LOVE superhero films - Batman and Iron man for me. I love alien invasion films, ummm, that's about it.

I even used spell check!!!!


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Hi Dakoda....Hey Dakoda Ihave one of those objects that u circled on my   desk also lol....Theres a new Horror  flick comming out where Freddy Kroggermates with Rosan Barr and  out pops R ichard Simmons SCARRY .... anyways  your  super awesome


LOL, that is NOT a picture of the lovely Dakota that I posted. Just a generic picture for humor. HA. . . . . . . . . .


. . . . . . . . . . . ahem.

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Ha dam it HF  it was misleading lol my appoligise but i do have one of thoses lol

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Yea  im still here dekoda kinda wish I wasnt  lol,that teach me to read everything befor taking out of  content,Im recvering from 20  shades of red  right about now  any ways good times ....

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Mine walks and talks...xoxo

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It's no fun when you can't find any one or know what they are commenting on. Going to each person's page kind of sucks.

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Working nights is a bummer,I'm always a day late but never a dollar short!! Miss all of you!! I'm on in the mornings and then late on Sundays and Mondays plus in the mornings.


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