The Woman in Black - DVD

The Woman in Black - DVD

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Just... forgettably lame.
So lame I forgot I watched it last week.
I'm getting sick and tired of movies compelling me to throw the subtitles on and fast forwarding @ 2X through them.
Let's have a non-communicative boob schlep his mopey self to Weirdville out in the far reaches of Bumbleshag where EVERYONE IN TOWN acts like a freaking fruitcake and no one effectively communicates the simplest of things to any one - let alone JUST G.D. MOVE AWAY!
It's just idiotic.
The BEST thing about TWIB?
The wiki page image of it's screenwriter. 
Lame sauce on a lame duck floating down a lame stream through Lameville in the lame country of Lame-istan.
Watch 'The Others' for ten times the effect with a tenth of the effort.


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I thought it was ok but it would be nice if the TV version got a release (much better)

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