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Sorry folks its been a while

Could anyone enlighten me as to if we are actually still on this site and not just on that other site that klownz put up.


Piranha 3DD was hilarious. Loved it but not because it was good. But because it was gory and hilarious. And David Hasslehof was funny.

Chernobyl Diaries was so bad it gave me aids.

I liked the The Avengers but i feel like they focused too much time on Iron Man instead of more interesting characters that didnt get 2 movies like he did.

Moonrise Kingdom was brilliant. Best movie of the year so far in my opinion.

Safety Not Garunteed is a great little movie. Very fun and well made. I would recommend it to anyone.

And im watching The Dark Knight Rises right now and will probably post a review for it later.

Toodeloo fuckers