Whats a movie you wished you didn't watch

Whats a movie you wished you didn't watch

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1.The village because the plot was just retarded

2.Ginger snaps 1&2 c'mon the movies both put me in a bad mood especially each ending

3.The strangers the mood was sabotaged by the constant flash backs and dull horror element

4.The boogie man 1,2,3 the first one was a little creepy but the second had no monster it was the doctor lame the third film had a CG monster super lame and fake very very fake

those are the bad movies i remember

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My friend took me to Super 8 the other day...the only thing that made it bearable was his disillusioned color ketamine fueled commentary. More win than Charlie Sheen with a trunkful of dead hookers... we ended up walking out...


BME pain olympics is one I wouldn't want to watch again...there's a few other things floating around on-line I would have done without seeing...namely one involving a bunch of Eastern European teenagers and a hammer and another with a soldier and a knife. So...yeah. I wish I'd never seen those...probably account for a bit of my current misanthropy and cynicism. 

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"Last House on Dead End Street". I was pregnant at the time and my husband and I went to the drive- in. There was a scene with a women getting her legs amputated that was so real that I had to ask my husband to take me home. The entire movie was like a cheap snuff movie. Check it out on wikipedia.

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YEA havent seen that one yet ill be sure to down load it check it out  good lord  thats a  old flick lol

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don't be afraid of the dark, it was so stupid

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feast{baby back ribs...

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A Serbian Film- I really didn't need to see that.

Day of the Dead(remake)- I'd rather watch a homeless man shit in alley then watch that waste of film stock.


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