Todd and the Book Pure Evil

Todd and the Book Pure Evil

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Hello fellow horror lovers, I am brand new to the forum but have been lurking for some time even before the changes. I signed up to discuss an important issue. This fantastic show "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil". If anyone hasn't seen it, check your local Fearnet listings and give it a shot, I'm sure you'll love it. Sadly the main producer Space in Canada decided to cancel it! Fearnet pickedup broadcasting rights but we won't get a 3rd season without asking for it. So I ask as a horror lover that you help out and give the show a look, sign our petition and/or also email fearnet to pick it up if you like it and save a great series from limbo.

Almost 4000 signatures and counting!


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Is there any way I can watch it online? I seem to not have a fearnet channel provided by my cabel company....

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Try or

Otherwise you might be able to purchase it on itunes,or find clips on youtube


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