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That's my Girl!


So, I haven't been on here in awhile.  It took a post on Facebook for me to realize that the short film, 2:22 was now featured on FearNet.  I was on the set for filming that one of the days.  Not because I was in the cast, but I was assisting a member of the cast.  The dog.

My big girl, Val, who recently recovered from surgery, did a couple of scenes for the movie years ago.  After her work in "Savaged" I think people expected her to be more camera trained.  Truth is, I wrote a lot of her scenes in that movie around things I knew she could do and she and I worked on her behaviors for 2 months prior to shooting "Savaged".  Finally, the dog is simply in love with Debbie Rochon, and so following her around the house/set was no problem.

Anyway, if you find the time to give a good looking little short a watch, you'll see my dog in "action" along with a very hot lead actress and some fantastic lighting and camera work.