where did every one GO?????

where did every one GO?????

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 is anyone on fearnet any more?

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I feel like I need a map.

My wife rearranged the kitchen too.  If I don't find the silverware soon I may starve to death.

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Hi adam welcome to fearnet ....


@Adom - - FEARnet AND the kitchenware ! ! ! ! ! ! YE GADS MAN ! !. . . . . . . . . . THE-HHORROR. . . . . . . the-hhorror ! .. . . . . . . . . order in sammiches and pizza until they (utensils) magically appear !. . . . . or you start getting fat.

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lmao HF : YEA Wtf  first  they said we get are profiles and walls  and chit back at the end of July well sir july has come and gone  whats up with that shit  thank god dakota  and klownz put together the  other forum makes it that much more bareable  .....Idoubt it if anything comes back sorry but  lol im really starting to think that....LOL  reminds me of the quote from the Addams family movie , when Fester , said:"He lied to us Mother" lol I understand things happen but my god man ....it sucks in here without are pro and way to stay in touch.....


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