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BACK SON! (Fear stories/blogs on mondays-wedesdays-Fridays-weekends)


If you haven't heard of me, you've either forgetten me, moved on to bigger and better things, or are new to this sight.

Well, allow me to introduce myself..

My name is Christopher Saldana, and I plan to be the next writter/author/screenplay creator/etc. You all.. you are my drones. Come to me my drones!

I come with stories that'll put your minds in a journey that most would find pure and utterly disturbing.

I give you REAL fears, and cut them into little peaces for you to slowly chew on. Oh, and I guarentee you'll find it oh so succulent..

I am a man who has either gone through, or is currently going through these emotions, fears, mental problems, you fucking name it.

... Lets do some scarin.