pet peeves with horror fans!

pet peeves with horror fans!

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first off i want to say this thread is aimed at no one on fearnet!

my question is what are your pet peeves with like minded horrorheads?

for example: i hate it when people bang on about Lucio Fulci like they are related to him but have only seen the beyond or zombi2

& i get annoyed with people refering to Asian cinema titles who always say for example ringu/ju-on .... them 2 examples dont annoy me BUT when people say rinne or gin gwai ETC it does because i am english & would rather say the english title for the film! i think people who do this bad habbit are trying to impress BUT it doesnt impress me!

also i dont like people talking about a insainly abstract horror films in the mannor that suggests everyone should know what they are on about ......... it would be for example like if i started banging on about "a teenage hooker became a killing machine" then acting suprised no one has seen it

i also dislike the Argento army who seen suspiria/inferno then bang on about being Argento fans (like with Lucio) then havent seen his other works

am not bitching at all, just wondering if anyone else has peeves like this?Dario Argento

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was bordtoday so i was  surfing the threads and came across this one;Myself I consider myself  to be a Horror  fan but lacking in  knowelage of  whom directed the film or what not but if i enjoy a H,FilmS  Tec side ill do research and  see how they pulled off the special effects that made the movie great.... heres a fun fact  about the Exorcist. The young priest who gave Father Karras confession at the end of the film was (and still is) a Catholic priest (Reverend William O’Malley). In order to make him visibly shocked in the final scene, the director (William Peter Blatty) slapped him across the face unexpectedly and yelled “action!” Father O’Malley still teaches to this day at Fordham University.The scream of the demon being thrown out of Linda Blair was actually created by recording squealing pigs being driven into slaughter.

see thats what I mean the film has to be exceptionally well for me to do reasearch....Sorry if i got off track..

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A pet peeve of mine is when someone keeps saying "bang on" all the time. Is that an ok peeve to have?Stop bangin' on 'bout your peeves, bloke! 


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