Extreme Nihilistic and Sick

Extreme Nihilistic and Sick

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Well...we can tell the sort of stuff I'm looking for, slashers don't cut it...so...I'll make a list of what I consider to fall into the categoty and you can add to it...in no particular order:

A Serbian Film (not NEARLY as bad as people made it out to be)


Philosophy of a Knife

Men Behind the Sun

Realm of the Senses







Irreversible (and the other Gasper Noe classics)


Guinea Pig (I really don't have a taste for Japanese Pink films or faux snuff bullshit.)


Murder Set Pieces

Cutting Moments


August Underground (AU, Mordum, Penance, Redsin Tower, Maskhead, S&man)

Graphic Sexual Violence (documentary)

Visitor Q

Original Last House on Left (other rape revenge films are kinda droll and boring)

Bloodsucking Freaks (funny)

Begotten (too pretentious and artsy for my taste)

Scrapbook (horrible acting)


Man Bites Dog

Cannibal Holocaust

Beyond the Darkness

Henry: portrait of a serial killer

Subconscious Cruelty

Bad Biology

Mondo films...

looking forward to an english subtitled version of Melancholie der Engel...from what I hear it will surpass everything thus far.

(still haven't seen; In My Skin, Trouble Every Day, Baise Moi, Mu zan E, Rubbers Lover, Sweet Move, fetus, slaughter vomit dolls, tumbling ball of flesh, regoregitated sacrifice, slowtorture puke chamber, murder collection from toe tag, also sella turcica [yay!!! does it come with alae and foramen?] le petit mort, shramm, der totesking, violent shit, lucker, vase de noces, in a glass cage, h6, broken, pig, taxedermia, singapore sling, live feed, gutterballs, hanger, ) can't find Long Pigs!!!!



also welcomed are trippy movies like little otik (or anything by jans svankmajer) and classics like the iron rose...or any jardowosky or (other) pasolini...or coffin joe. ;D


thank you thank you. 

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Trailer Town. (really wolfgang phucked up)

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fucking crazy list! lol! there is a few on here i have never even heard of so i will check them out! but saying that there is also a few on this list that i have no intention of seeing & some films on here that i have watched & they were just plain shit!

still a impressive crazy list though


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Well I've seen most of the films on your list and Niku Daruma (AKA Judge For Yourself AKA Tumbling Doll Of Flesh AKA Psycho: The Snuff Reels), Slaughter Vomit Dolls, and Baise Moi.Niku Daruma is sick, it features a very slow and bloody dismemberment scene but there is no english subtitles.Slaughter Vomit Dolls was just boring,more puke than blood, just lots of scenes of fat naked girls puking.


 Baise Moi isn't a horror movie, its a revenge thiller.Its Thelma And Louise on a smaller budget,starring pornstars and has unsimulated sex scenes in it.Theres nothing really violent and sick about it.Even the rape scene seems like just a fetish porn scene.

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visitor Q is shit i actually brought it based on its reputation watched it & took it back to the shop to swap for something actually worth having in my collection

the necrophilia stuff in the green house was quite amusing though Hmmm .......... i might give it a second chance? lol




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that's a good list for it. Henery the serial killer i didn't think was that nihilistic, and a few more. but to each there own.

i do have most of these movies and like klownz said, i have not intention on watching some of them.

i just want to have them....

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nothing new to report but i thought i may aswell bump this discussion up to the top again!

i will say though from that list i am amazed grotesque is banned here! ......... I love the intestine scene!grotesque

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vomit Dolls yea fat women Puken lolsee Richard Simmons failed at sweating to the oldies 

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