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We been haveing fun at {night}. We would say. Sun. But knowing us. We just love the {Hot} and cool nights. We were out in the day light. Monday. And you the sun was to bright. We ran under some trees. My {Daughter}. Screemed at the sun. Just then clouds coverd the sun. We were safe. The night came. We just love seeing the stars. But other {Dark} thing were comeing. We were ready. I had a {Dark} Sward. And my {Daughter}. Had the {Axe}. We did fight. Killing them right and left. Win it was over. We Lol. Now {Dark Alice} types. It was fun. Love. We had blood all over us. And it was good. My dress is all bloody red. And we did go swiming that night. Wow. The sea is cooled. The {Sharks} are aleep. But not us. Time for us to go. Sleep well. The night is young. Love {Dark Alice}. Heres a new photo of me. It looks ok. I'll have to stay out of the sun more.

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Checked out the "New" activity page. Better than nothing, but not as nice a it was. I keep checking in to see if there are any new changes, but so far still not impressed with anything. I guess I liked it the way it was & didn't see any reason to change things on such a grand scale all at once. Maybe a little at time would have been a better idea. Just my opinion.

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i loved that picture of the kitty. thats what my 2 are like,lol i give them fish & shrimp and they let me live.


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whats up sarge? just popping in to say hello...hope all is well on ur side...

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hey hellfighter how are you, always good to hear from you, i am still at the other site, kinda having fun really it's something to do until fearnet gets all updates completed. talk to you later.

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Will it looks like we can't send any new photos. This new fearnet. keeps missing up on us. We can't even send a video. May be theres a bug. In the wabpag. We did type to some people. But Fearnet. Would not send it. Will keep working on it. Now {Dark Alice} types.Hi. Love. Be for we go out. To night. We will see if it just fearnet not working this time. It may work better. The next day. I'm ready. For to night. We are going to a cave full of {Bats}. I have a flashlight and my {Axe}. Ready. The cave is under a hill. A {Dark} lovely place by the sea. I love the sea. At night. Time to go. See you when you sleep.Love {Dark Alice}

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If I were a CEO this is how my building would look,LOL

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  Yeah I no it takes some time all the new but I don't think the new FEAR IS GOING 2  be much different as far as new templates, wow I think that I may have lost all my stuff here ? I found a way 2 get into that new file browser profile trying 2 add things & delete things in my profile you know the things that used be avail. but I think that I prob. should have not played whith things??!!!but give a man a new toy? well not so new it's been there a while!!OOPS we'll see I hope not ?! 

SO anyway hows the tempps out there 118 yesterday here & 114 2day & thank God the humidity has been way down or hell on earth!!!  well gotta go Olympics swimming right now & God that 15 year old girl (US) WHATA FOOKIN SPEED DEMON she was beat Janet Evans record!

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