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 yes I 2 come on here still 2 see if there are any changes, & it seems that at times there are many peeps on here? but alas not that can really be as it was ?!! I hope soon cause there are many great peeps here!!!

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Been awhile since I said Hi so Hi  lol Im  with Klownz and them on the other site that Klownz  found ill be back to fear net not leaving just  leaving my options open and all....Jusat had to say Hi and dont wish to lose yea as a friend because of inactivity...


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hope this fear net gets sorted out soon shona x


. . . . . . . I think you are beautiful. . . . . . anyone disagree with me ? ? ? . . .




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thought id stop by and say Howdy to all my friends miss each and everone of yea ......Aday with out my friends is like a day with out sunshine and been alot of them kida days lately

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hi sappy...e-mail me..i don't have your e-mail where i'm at....

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OMG im freakin bord its been so freakin sloooooooooooooooowwww,im talking Rigamortis slow 



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Stopping by to see how you are doing Sappy. cooking fish here on a hot humid day. talk to you later. Have very happy b-day. miss you.


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