Die of Laughter: The Silliest Looking Zombies


The few shots we've seen of the zombies in Paranorman look great. The shambling undead that menace the upcoming stop-motion horror/comedy have a truly distinct design. The movie's aimed at the young-adult crowd, so the zombies have the perfect blend of terror and levity. Yes, they may eat your brains, but don't be surprised if they step on a rake first and get smacked in the face by it. Their features are exaggerated. Their skin is a classic horror green. They look a little like a joke... but they weren't the first zombies on the block to look downright silly. Here's a look at some of our favorite ugly, goofy, fudged-up brain eaters.

Tarman from Return of the Living Dead

Okay die-hard horror fans, hear me out. I, too, consider this zombie one of the scariest of all time. This melting, disgusting excuse for a zombie is, at first glance, utterly terrifying. The first time you see this slimy, dripping monster gyrate towards our heroes you know terror is upon us. But, upon closer inspection, he's also one of the funniest looking zombies around. Look at that bald head and those big, goofy-looking eyes.

Sure, he may be disgusting, but who says he can't also be... hilarious?

The Humans-As-Zombies from Shaun of the Dead

In this screamingly funny scene from the sharp, acerbic take on zombie flicks, the heroes find themselves trapped in a corner with hordes of undead in their path. They need to get to their local pub (naturally), but they're blocked by those pesky walking dead. So how do they get around the problem? They pretend to be zombies! They all stagger, moan and shuffle down the street. The amazing part is that it actually works (kind of). They make it across the street without getting torn to shreds. Of course they all look absolutely ridiculous while doing it.

The Badly-In-Need-of-Braces Zombies from Evil Dead 2

We'll admit, the zombies in the first Evil Dead film have a truly frightening and unique look to them. The gnarled mouths, in particular, still send shivers down many fans' spines. But they really took it a bit too far in Evil Dead 2. Just look at this guy. I bet he can barely bite an apple, let alone your throat. We're not saying we expect a perfect set of pearly whites in our zombies. But come on, dude, close those nasty smoochers and give us a break, we just ate lunch.

Sasha, the Zombie-fied Party Girl in Being Human

In the original BBC show about a set of roommates who happen to consist of a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf, we also sometimes see other types of monsters. In one episode we meet Sasha, a drunk, horny party girl with a nasty skin problem. Turns out she was supposed to die, but her spirit got blocked on its way out of this world. She wanders around in a short skirt while her flesh falls off her body. And the best part is: she's aware of everything that's going on. She spends the episode being rude, crude, nasty, and downright side-splitting.

The Zero-Effort Zombies of Garden of the Dead

This clunker of a zombie movie from 1974 featured a stupid plot full of lazy zombies. A bunch of prisoners escape from jail. While on the lam, they come across a crazy batch of formaldehyde that they promptly use to get high (like you do). After being handily shot and killed by the local sheriff, they are buried (in a garden, I suppose) and rise again blah blah blah. The action is worthy of an Ed Wood flick. The best part, though, has to be the zombie make-up. The schlub in the picture above could also be playing the role of "Goth #2" or "Raccoon." We know it's expensive to make a movie, but please, future low-budget directors, we beg you: have your titular monsters be a little more frightening, okay?