Everyone has a movie they like that they cant understand why others dont like and VICE VERSA. Sometimes you can figure out why when its because the movie targets, for example, girl/tweens like TWILIGHT (although grown up moms seem to love this shit. . . . and the young boys. Just sayin'.)

Others are a little more mystifying. The movie that puzzles me is the shitty, boring, SO DERIVATIVE. . . . . . . . . PARANORMAL CRAPTIVITY. I CANNOT fathom, along with 7 friends, wtf anyone found scary from this crap. Now Craptivity was a success financially and YES, I KNOW its the hype, but still people claim to like it. (drinking the kool-aid of being CONVINCED they will like it?)

Another is one that flopped on the screen but every horror head, here included praises to high heaven, the Peter Jackson horror DEAD ALIVE. I cant even get into it and watch it for more than a few minutes. I think the most time I spent on it is 15-20, lol.

What movie success puzzles you ?

NO, Im NOT looking to be "convinced" these two movies are "great", whats YOUR choice ?


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to a certain extent about the saw franchise, by horror franchise standards its way better made than lets say hellraiser or nightmare on elm st franchises & you do have to give a bit of leeway when it comes to horror films & being realistic. saws success isnt puzzling to me at all kinda like final destination they thought up a great gimmic with the traps destination did it with the accidents & death scenes like that are always gonna but bums in seats.

i would say that the makers & super fans give the over all story more credit than its due & they think its a more intelligent series than it actually is me on the other hand i just watch it for the graphic crazy ass deaths, its a perfect franchise to watch whilst you are online cuz you only need to look up when "the games begin"

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The Devil Inside
Budget $1 million
Box office $101,386,096
The Devil Inside Total Lifetime Grosses
Domestic: $53,261,944 52.5%
+ Foreign: $48,124,152 47.5%
Worldwide: $101,386,096
Complete horsesh!t.
Proof that marketing is more important than content.
That director and his marketing geniuses can laugh all the way to the bank with embarrassment.
If you google the title with the word "marketing" you'll see laurels of appreciation for the film's marketing.
Many fools were separated from their money.
Many, many, many fools. An astonishing amount, honestly.
Technical execution is fine for the found footage genre but poor for the documentary style it's supposed to be.
Of little consolation to note is how well the audio was collected and processed, especially in many tight echoic spaces. If the film can be given any nods that'd be it.

Furthermore, for all no-budget wannnabe filmmakers:

Oh, for the love of God, PLEEEAZE just let your film be what it is.
DO NOT EVER try to "sell" it as found footage.
Everyone in the audience knows the film is fabricated entertainment, just think up of some plausable reason as to why someone is recording it.
  • Cloverfield had Hud the moron taping the whole event for whatever purposes.
  • [REC]/Quarantine had the news reporter+cameraman angle on the night beat.
  • Trollhunter had the college media class reason - but the director/producer insisted that it was all "found footage." OMFG. 
  • Chronicle had loser boy with his best friend "camera". IDKWTH happened near the end with who was running the camera when everything went to heck in a handbasket.
  • The Devil Inside was all "real found footage" by a girl investigating her mom's issues. It was REAL!!! No! REEEEALLY!! It was!!! 
So... just make your film to tell the story.
Have a reason why someone'e recording it when anyone with common sense would have just put the d@mn camera down.
And don't try to sell it as "real found footage."


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